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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Effective CVs and a free guide

A well-written and presented CV plays an essential part in matching candidates to right roles and responsibilities, where solid experience and genuine evidence of results encourage us to take a closer look at someone going places.

There is also a number with less than truthful entries which naturally have to be weeded out of further consideration.

Our clients want to see individuals who can deliver in both hard and soft skilled areas, and have the potential to move at the sharp end of their business.

That’s where we’ll dig deeper to find supply chain and procurement professionals who can communicate their achievements to demonstrate what’s really being asked for in a role, rather than simply tired waffle.

Good CV Poor CV

The next time you’re looking to tailor your CV so that it answers the advertised requirements for a role and stands out from the crowd, why not take note of the pointers in this excellent free PDF guide from Richmond Solutions, the specialists in Executive CV creation, which graphically shows both good and poor CV practice.

When applying for any of our selection of procurement and supply chain jobs, we’ll be looking at your CV for the relevant expertise that you’ll be exposed to in a new role. Make sure we don’t miss it!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Candidate tips – successful CVs

As everyone ups their game to stand out in a very competitive marketplace, CVs need to work even harder to clearly demonstrate notable achievements, responsibilities and results.

Here are some quick pointers to getting yours right -

  • Make sure – your CV is concise, chronological and up-to-date
  • Be specific – about projects, categories and results you’ve been actively involved with
  • Check – any objectives you include will count you in for a role, not out
  • Don’t – lie, plagiarise or slip into irrelevance
  • Skip – clichés and generic phrases, they won’t impress

We see a lot of CVs and will be happy to advise if you’re looking for some help with yours.

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    • Eucharia Ogochukwu Udeh on Quick Q&A with Gavin Herman

    • Dear Gavin, Am very delighted to read you. I am writing from Nigeria. I am a supply chain professional with strong experience in Procurement. Good supplier mgt is a relationship thing between the supplier and the customer. Putting the relationship guideline in place and conforming with it. Respecting the contract provisions. Nurture the relationship with the understanding of each others processes and attributable challenges. Supplier management must have a human face. Avoid being too mechanical. The benefit is huge: Your quality is maintained Steady supply Credit facilities Speed to market is improved Improved innovation Lower TCO Happy customers Good brand image Etc It will hit your bottom line It will show in the COS Increased volume of sales Measurement: COS before and after innovation KPI impact before and after implementation and corrective measure Etc I will like get get your feedback on my suggestions. Thank you. Best regards, Eucharia
    • Juergen Michael Becker on Dealing with nerves at interviews

    • in this southeast-asian environment, people have developed a technique of re-routing this nervousness or excess energy through one of the legs onto the floor. hardly visible to the counterpart in the discussion, this is done by a fast vibration (up and down movement) of the leg with only the toes as the connecting point to the ground. it seems to work wonders in any stress situation like job interview, negtiation or critique discussion, especially in the chinese business community.
    • Jeremy Walker on Community Building

    • Looking forward to being around!
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